About humpbackeye

Tales half invented, tales all true is a phrase in Will Hermes’ Love Goes to the Building on Fire. In his love letter to the music of the 70s, Hermes describes a cab driver in New York City. He is, he argues, a sort of mythical character in urban life. As you sit in the backseat listening to all sorts of his fantastical tales along your route, naturally, one can’t help but wonder what and if anything being said is actually true. Nothing he says can be proven. Nothing he says fits into the expected or the logical. And your reaction to his story is too strong to believe in could actually happen. But there’s a certain satisfaction in just listening to the storytelling, to the commitment the cab driver feels for his story that elevates meaning beyond the tangible or quantifiable.

humpbackeye is a place where writing is true for reasons beyond the facts we remember. Memories linger longer than specifics. Highlighting what parts of our past stayed lodged in our consciousness is more important than making sure that memory was an accurate one at all. This site is a place for writing that emphasizes the moments and themes that matter. Told in a way you wish your ride was just a few minutes longer.

Send comments, questions, complaints and submissions to Robert at humpbackeye@gmail.com


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