How to Cure Writer’s Block | Superpowers

The way to cure writer’s block is weirdly simple. When there are moments when I don’t know what to say or don’t know what to write, I do this: Imagine I’m omniscient. Limitless. A person endowed with Superpowers. That I’ve every power to be every place to do everything without limits and without fear. And when I give myself that power I write down what I’d do.

And then I say, “Robert, you had every power and freedom to take whatever.  What made you want and take so little?” I write that.

You gave me the feeling of having a Superpower. As if, upon meeting the person you knew you’d want to be with, the reaction is gratitude or awe or joy. It’s why did you wish for so little? Which is human maybe.

Which is weird. You’re beautiful in way I’d want one to be and you communicate in the way I’d want one to communicate and you’re dignified in the way I’d want one to be dignified.  And maybe it’s because superheroes are whiny fucks bogged with whiny questions about the “how” and the “why”, they never appreciate the “what”. When it’s simple. What you are is everything I am could have let myself imagine. Even if I knew entirely all I could.

This might sound dramatic. Take my word and know that I’m not dramatic. Not hyperbolic. I’m holistic maybe. Which is just a bullshit way of saying that I’m at peace with trusting that I feel certain way for a certain reason that isn’t dependent on an explanation. But you’re person that makes me feel like I can do anything and I feel frustrated when I don’t. You’re also the person that makes me feel, that even if I had the power to be every place and could do everything without limits, I’d chose to be where you are.  Doing the most normal, human things.That the normal and the superhero are agreed is poetry indeed.


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