Coffee Shop in the Lower East Side

This world has learned
to accept vegan cheddar
as a suitable substitute
over Kraft singles on its
grilled cheese sandwiches.
This is the same world
that offers organic granola
and bagels with
nutella or sprouts
or tofu cream cheese
With steamed milk on the side.

This is no world I know.
I take my bread
pesto free. Grain free.
I’ll take my soups
with labels, alphabets,
and Rugrats characters floating inside.
This is non-negotiable.

Therefore, this soup
of the day:
Autumn Minestrone
White bean and spinach soup
is as much an assault on my world
as Proposition 8
or the Environmental Protection Agency.

This is a losing battle
for Patriots like me.
Minutemen who see
“Made Fresh, Made Here”
as the political equivalent
of a Che Guevera t-shirt.

But if I am honest
about the true state of my
Grilled Cheese sandwiches
I will be forced to admit that Kraft singles
and the Corporation for which it stands
are just as fake a dairy product
as any soy substitute.

Just as we grow no coffee bean.
Only non-dairy creamer.


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