Wednesday, When You Lived Your Best Day Ever

Regardless of whether your life has been charmed with luck or shitty as fuck, the fact remains the same, you experienced one day that was the best of your life. The best! Here’s why.

Every day you have lived was different. At the end of each day, you could have placed it on a continuum of Good and Bad, depending on how you define those arbitrary terms. Regardless of the definition you chose, one of those days was the better than every other day. Making it, therefore, the best day ever.

This could is important. However you define happiness, however you define joy, however you define satisfaction all had their climax at one moment. I’ve a feeling, however, you didn’t realize that it was happening.

Thankfully, we’ve designated points to help. Your wedding day. The day you lose your virginity. The first time you take your son or daughter to their first baseball game. The day you make you first million. Whatever.

Sometimes I try to figure out when mine was. The easier answer is when I saw Coldplay. Rain soaked the festival grounds outside of transforming my white Nike’s into a muddy testament to the day ahead.  There was a band called Silversun Pickups. I’ve looked back at the YouTube footage and spotted my bouncing head flailing wildly to the beat of my favorite song. Later, a band called Elbow performed. I didn’t know their music but that didn’t matter. My hands stayed in the air and my singing was enthusiastic nonsense. I didn’t know the words but I knew I had to sing something. When Coldplay finally came, the day was a success. Surrounded by paper machete butterflies, Viva la Vida, and a thousand other fans oblivious to know enjoying a Coldplay concert so much ought not be allowed, it was a brilliant concert. At the very least, I feel like Ice Cube. I left thinking, “Today was a good day.” But was it the best day ever?

I wish I’d a way to keep track of such things. Can a moment be so good that it made that whole day better than the rest? Or would it have to

I thought about waking up one morning and designating a day where would make it, from first to last breath,  the best day of my life. That way, I can remember it, savor the seconds, make it the day from which I’ll compare all others. I can wake up, have an excuse to use my Instagram, have an excuse to spend that day with the people I’d want to spend a day to surpass all other days with.

But I talked myself out of this plan. Is your best day something you can plan or is it something that you stumble upon?   I’m still deciding whether I forget because it wasn’t all that great of a day or because I am young enough and optimistic enough to think I could live a lifetime of such days.  All equally glorious in its own way, not competing with the former. Rather, it simply celebrates the chance it’ll come again tomorrow. Each day having some moment that makes it, while not the best, something to remember and something to cherish. No better or no worse. than yesterday. No better or worse than tomorrow.


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